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Sleeveless Kurtis

Parchhai's latest collection of stylish sleeveless Kurtis is rich in color. Only for you, we have stocked an elegant and sober Kurti collection to validate every season. Unconditional of the wardrobe, the sleeveless Kurtis goes for all situations: dinner, evening, cocktail, walk, work, etc. Particularly trendy, they accompany women throughout the year, provided you choose the right fabrics when shopping at Parchhai. Remember that complementary pieces are also useful to accessorise these short sleeve Kurtis and keep you warm properly. So, explore the exclusive sleeveless Kurtis online collection in India.
  • Parchhai Red Printed Kurti with Pant
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  • Parchhai Red Short Kurti with Pant
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Sleeveless Kurtis Online at Parchhai: To Redefine Comfort and Class in your Wardrobe Collection

There are days when you don't want to put on a garment with sleeves. The sleeves sometimes give a feeling of suffocation. This is why at our store - Parchhai, the simple fact of evoking the sleeveless Kurtis unfolds a litany of inspiration. It comes in a variety of colors), materials and sizes.

Sleeveless Kurtis, we offer models ranging from the most basic to the sophisticated. Plain color sleeveless kurta, floral, printed, flowing look, adorned with silver metal or decorated with mesh. The mesh on the black or blue short sleeveless Kurti is very elegant. Two-material sleeveless Kurti models are also very fashionable at the moment. So, we have many more options waiting for you at our store.

Choose the one that suits your needs, and after all, it depends on the look you want to adopt, trendy, chic, or casual. Happy shopping to you from us!!

Why should you wear the sleeveless Kurti in the winter season?

 No need to have a selection of summer kurtas in your closet and another of winter Kurtis, which you only wear a few months out of the year. Many pieces worn in summer can be useful in winter, provided they are well accompanied. But by the way, why wear a sleeveless Kurti in winter?

  • To give more lightness to your silhouette. The principle to wear Kurtis well in winter without feeling cold is simple: you have to layer the layers. The problem, if you wear an outfit with thick sleeves underneath your waistcoat or cardigan, your arms will look "swollen". Sleeveless Kurtis, you don't weigh down your overall figure. Yes, the Kurti without its sleeves, therefore, becomes a solution to appear thinner.
  • To bring real dynamism to a classic room in winter! If you wear straight Kurtis or Kurtis with a thick fabric, a sleeveless version will be ideal for breaking this excess of classicism. As mentioned in the previous point, a small cardigan or even a jacket will protect your shoulders and arms from the cold and give you something "alive".

How to wear the sleeveless Kurtis smartly in the winter season?

Wearing a stylish sleeveless Kurti in winter, a question of association! But, don't forget to explore the widest collection of sleeveless Kurtis with back design online in India at Parchhai.

For the sleeveless kurta to be perfectly suited to very low mercury, you have to play on the right combination of pieces. You must become queen in the art of layering. Dare! Mix textures and colors. Combine a thin, tight-fitting item of clothing (such as a top or a pretty fitted jacket) with a looser, straight piece (such as the Kurti). You will see that the game of overlays is not that complicated. The rule is clear; it is necessary to carry out tests, and even to dare to complementarities which, at first glance, may seem crazy. Be aware, however, that not all sleeveless summer Kurtis are to be worn in winter!

  • Wear your flowing summer sleeveless Kurti as long as their material is thick enough and protective. No cotton, too fine;
  • Don't wear your Kurtis too short! Obviously, it would be best if you had a little length to protect yourself: at the knees at least;
  • Finally, know that there are sleeveless Kurti designed from the outset for winter.

Why shop sleeveless Kurtis online from our store?


Stylists and modelers draw the new trends of tomorrow and each season offers an original and creative collection by playing with the ranges of colors and the variety of materials. Our priority remains the match between Parchhai fashion and the desires and needs of our customers.

Quality and technique

All the models created meet very strict criteria of quality and fit. At each stage of manufacture, tests are carried out to ensure our customers a "zero defects" product. In collaboration with our suppliers, the quality and technical department permanently improves the sleeveless Kurtis or any other outfit.

Support professions

Our IT, accounting, management, and finance departments as well as the HR functions, organize and structure the important development of the company.

Affordable Purchase

Be it an online collection of latest sleeveless Kurtis or any other category; in order to save money, we guarantee our customers the best value for money. Confidence and responsiveness are the assets of a network of reliable and constant suppliers and manufacturers.

A Language for You

We often worry about deliveries when making an online purchase. At Parchhai, the logistics service is fluid and fast. Validate your Kurti on the site and have it delivered to your home as soon as possible.

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