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Gown dresses are designed for women's casual chic clothing as well as for special events like parties, engagements etc. Therefore, Parchhai always wants to make you shine by offering stylish combinations and elegant looks. With high quality and perfect fit, the collection of the gown is always a good fit for women or girls. This kind of outfit has never gone out of style and is now gaining immense popularity, especially among the young women out there. People are going gaga over them as they make for a really glamorous add-on to all your basic outfits. Parchhai has curated a gorgeous collection of gowns online in India to give your wardrobe a perfect look. Scroll through to discover some of our gems.
  • Floral georgette dress with bell sleeves cotton lining
    ₹1,085.00 ₹1,900.00
    (43% OFF)
  • Floral georgette dress with bell sleeves cotton lining inside
    ₹1,085.00 ₹1,900.00
    (43% OFF)
  • Floral Print Rayon Blend Stitched Pink Anarkali Gown
    ₹3,200.00 ₹3,500.00
    (9% OFF)
  • Parchhai Black Bandhej Gown White schiffeli jacket
    ₹1,499.00 ₹1,999.00
    (25% OFF)
  • Parchhai Georgette anarkali gown with handwork
    ₹1,999.00 ₹2,999.00
    (33% OFF)
  • Parchhai Georgette tiered gown with handwork
    ₹2,200.00 ₹3,200.00
    (31% OFF)
  • Parchhai Lehariya dual kali handwork gown
    ₹1,499.00 ₹2,100.00
    (29% OFF)
  • Parchhai Light-Pink Embroidered
    ₹6,999.00 ₹9,999.00
    (30% OFF)
  • Parchhai Peach Gown
    ₹1,499.00 ₹1,999.00
    (25% OFF)
  • Parchhai Pink Printed Gown
    ₹1,499.00 ₹1,999.00
    (25% OFF)
  • Parchhai Rayon angarkha gown with mughlai handblock bootas
    ₹1,999.00 ₹2,900.00
    (31% OFF)
  • Parchhai Red Gown
    ₹1,499.00 ₹1,999.00
    (25% OFF)
  • Parchhai White Kurti Set
    ₹1,499.00 ₹1,999.00
    (25% OFF)
  • Parchhai White Printed Gown
    ₹1,499.00 ₹1,999.00
    (25% OFF)
  • Parchhai White Printed Kurti with Lehenga
    ₹1,499.00 ₹1,999.00
    (25% OFF)

Buy Gown dress Online for girls at Parchhai: An Outfit All Set for Every Occasion You Want to Rock

The designers at Parchhai know how to surprise every season with a stylish and feminine women's collection of a gown dress. We always use the most high-quality and beautiful fabrics to fulfill all your needs efficiently. Parchhai’s elegant gown dresses collections are so indispensable in the wardrobe of today's ladies who love fashionable clothes with high wearing comfort. We promise to deliver high-quality women's clothing always finished with refined details. Take a quick look at the extensive collection with, among some other helpful information for you.

Styling Guide: Cool Ways to Amp up the Look of your Gown Dress in new design

The fashion item or how to give your gown dresses the detail that makes the difference. Whatever the season and the trending fashion, there are many accessories to match your outfit and to add to your wardrobe.

To be at the forefront of fashion, you should never underestimate the importance of accessories while wearing a new gown design. Read on to know how our experts suggested some tips for creating the perfect look in gown frock: - 


Like a cherry on top of the cake, a piece of jewelry crowns a gown for ladies and girls. Thanks to the right choice of jewelry, it is possible to showcase yourself and create a harmonious appearance between the outfit and your accessories. These gems has styles and materials that should be delicately combined. Needless to say, you can buy gown dress online for girls easily at our store, as per your desires and needs. 


The good thing about hats is that the range of models, materials, and colors is endless. From the traditional woolen fleece lined to that in microfiber, breathable for playing sports in the cold, the options are available to infinity, paired with gown dress for girls. 


The belt is an apt accessory because it is functional and pretty. They come in many materials and in multiple colors, so there may be one for every gown frock. 


Indispensable, the scarf is one of those items that all ladies have. To enhance the look of the gown in Anarkali style, protect your neck, or give yourself an original look, the scarf is the certainty of being fashionable all year round. Designers at Parchhai believe that, every time, with a scarf, looks and outfits are perfectly successful.


The first sun rays have barely shown the tip of their nose that we are happy to take out our sunglasses. It is must-have accessory for summer, as they play the fashion card with original and unique models. Of all colors, they add a trendy touch to your look gown dress for engagement, gown dress for the party, gown frock, or any new gown design. 

The watches

Indeed, the watches are always in fashion and follow trends in order to win back our wrists and overall look of gown dress for girls. Be it a  thin and graceful, flowery and transparent, or more massive and masculine, they are available in all styles to suit each of us.

Why should you do Gown dress Online Shopping from Parchhai.in?

A variety of designs accessible with just a few clicks

It is possible to find hundreds of thousands of references to buy gown dress in a virtual store like us. You can choose between different models and different brands. Finally, know that this solution turns out to be an interesting alternative to save money and time for fashion enthusiasts. 

Our solution offering incredible comfort

Before the advent of the internet, the customer had to visit different stores before to find the item of gown dress with reasonable price that suited their desires and budget. Parchhai exclusive collection has made everyday life easier for all the ladies and girls, since they now only need electronic gadgets and an internet connection to place their order.

Delivery and Return of Products

We always try to deliver the package to customers as soon as it is possible. Another cool thing about shopping online Parchhai is that you are able to track the location and status of your package. After purchase, if a product does not suit you, you can return it after testing it in the same condition.

No matter what job you do or which college you study, you can always look different with a gown. Gown dress is no more reserved for specific religions or a wedding ceremony today. They are single-piece stylish apparel to wear for all events. Parchhai offers gorgeous gown for girls of fine-quality to every girl. They all add a western and classy touch to the all desi personality and are extremely comfy. You will always carry it with confidence anywhere. So, aren’t you excited to explore the trendiest gown for girls and women online? Hurry up now! Visit the Parchhai store and explore all the elegant gems of the season.

Our gems are available at a unique price tag. They can be yours. Scroll down here and check them out in detail.

Shop the stylish gown frock online to celebrate every occasion and moment

Women have plenty of options to buy today. Every dress is different and adds a unique touch to the personality. Out of all the garments, gown for ladies is loved by everyone. Every girl/woman feels to wear it for some occasion. Perhaps, gown for engagement is the preferred option to buy for a friend or cousin engagement. One can even wear it on her engagement day. No matter what upcoming event you have over the weekends, a gown frock is a must to experiment with. You will find suitable gown dress for girls for office, casual days, special days and daily wear at Parchhai at a fair price. They will make you look different from the usual look. You can surprise your loved ones with the style and enjoy every occasion to the max. Besides, they are styles that suit every occasion, function or event. Parchhai the online store for women is here with gown new design outfits in plenty of options. Every gown in amazon is unique and so are Parchhai’s gowns online. The Parchhai’s elegant outfits are made using premium-quality fabric. Hence, every gown dress with price available in our store is super comfortable to wear and to carry. They are perfectly designed by top brands. So, one can filter them as per the price, colors and fabrics online.

Know the gowns for different occasions here!

Our every garment is attractive and easily draws the attention of guests and loved ones. One can shine like never before and experience a unique style of dressing. They are the perfect combination of style, fashion and impress everyone, wherever she goes. Know the outfit as per the occasion available in the store here!

  1. Engagement gowns- Gown engagement is specifically designed for the engagement occasion. Such outfits are super gorgeous and rich. They are perfect for the event. Plus, they come in different designs, patterns and work. You can choose the color as per the time or event theme. Thus, flaunt the Indian-style gown look and inspire others to wear it too. 
  2. Party wear gown- Gown for party is ideal for all sorts of parties. Whether the party is lavish or small, girls will look stylish, fashionable and modern. Floral georgette, embroidered and more are the best choice for the occasion. You will find them in all designs. So explore the latest designs before settling for any piece.
  3. Casual wear outfits- Do you think jeans and skirts are the only casual wear outfits available for women today? Well, you will discover gowns for casual wear too. They will give the same feeling as jeans and skirts. Besides, the comfort offered is fabulous. So, you can select the fabric that best suits the season or go for cotton. 
  4. Daily wear outfits- Yes, you will find daily wear apparel in the store. They are simple and give a decent look. However, the comfort is at the top. Every girl can feel cozier the entire day and work for long hours in style. You can modify the look and make it extra rich by adding a dupatta with stunning work. Thus, one can use it in two styles with comfort.

Explore the trendiest women gowns of the season online of Parchhai here!

  1. Floral georgette dress with bell sleeves cotton lining- It is a beautiful floral print outfit made from fine-quality georgette. It is designed to suit the needs of modern girls. Every girl will look young in this apparel. The colorful floral print is available everywhere and features bell sleeves. Thus, hide your heavy arms and other flaws. You can put minimal accessories like pair of matching earrings and sandals. Thus, flaunt the desi-modern look regularly for parties or get to-gathers.
  2. Parchhai black bandhej gown white schiffeli jacket- It is a simple outfit but elegant. It features white bandhej print all over the black apparel and collar neck. It is a full-length piece without sleeves. With a minimal accessory, one can look super gorgeous and stay comfier. 
  3. Parchhai light-pink embroidered- It is a heavy embellishment outfit with full sleeves and a rich dupatta. You will find heavy embroidered work on many areas of the apparel. It is suitable for lavish occasions, engagements and weddings. You can style the dupatta in trendy ways that best suit your body or personality.
  4. Parchhai white kurti set- This outfit is ideal for many occasions. One can wear it in many styles too. Thus, create the desired look of her choice. Every girl stays comfortable without any complaint. One can even pair it with maroon cigar pants or leggings. Plus, the choice of carrying the stylish dupatta is all girls. The apparel is designed with little work. The outfit will only enhance the look no matter how you wear it. Pair it with an appropriate accessory, matching hair style and sandals.

How to select the perfect color and fabric gown?

Fabrics- The outfit is designed with different fabrics today. The fabric gives a different look to the outfit. Plus, not every fabric is safe for every girl. Some complain about rashes, itching or marks after wearing the wrong fabric outfit. So one should know what fabric is good to wear for the personality. Soft fabric such as chiffon, silk, cotton and georgette best defines the feminine look. Plus, the finish makes them more beautiful and stylish. So pick any of these fabrics and create the look you love.

Color: The color is what makes the outfit attractive and enhances its mood. Different colors look great at different times. Plus, pairing them with different skin tones looks better too. So pick a color that refreshes you and looks bright on you. Or select one that blends with the theme or time.

Daytime- Is the program the entire day? Well, in such cases select a light color or neutral color outfit. They look gorgeous during the day. If the party or function is in the evening 

or night, select dark or deep color outfit. They are perfect for night-outs or evening events. If dark does not suit your personality, pick a different shade outfit. 

Seasons- You should also consider the weather when going for gown online shopping. Soft and bright colors are great for the summer seasons. Blue, grey and purple are the best for rainy seasons. Deep brown, maroon, yellow, rich ruby, deep purple are excellent choice for the winter and autumn season.

Events – The outfit is available for all occasions in the store. So you can select the garment as per the event or occasion. The dress you choose will give you a glamorous look or festive look or simple look. For example black or white is good for formal occasion, red or deep purple, golden and pastels are perfect for parties or big events or festive seasons. 

Skin tone- The color you pick should complement your personality. So ask your cousin or friend which colors look good on your personality? Select colors that look best on you and transform the overall beauty. So buy a colorful garment that best defines and compliments your skin tone. 

Check Out the newest arrivals of the season at Parchhai

  1. Floral georgette dress with bell sleeves cotton lining inside
  2. Parchhai georgette anarkali gown with handwork
  3. Parchhai georgette tiered gown with handwork
  4. Parchhai lehariya dual kali handwork gown
  5. Parchhai pink printed gown
  6. Parchhai yellow gown with jacket
  7. Parchhai peach gown
  8. Parchhai rayon angarkha gown with mughlai handblock bootas

How to make a simple gown dress stunning?

  1. Add jewelry- No worries if your outfit is simple or boring, you can make it beautiful with jewelry. Add a neckline, matching earrings, a bracelet and a ring and give a shine look instantly.
  2. Place a brooch- You will find a beautiful brooch for girls too in the store. So buy a brooch that suits your dress. Pit it at the waist or one-end shoulder or any good area and add a sparkling touch to it in no time.
  3. Bold bag- Let the bag be the highlight for the event. Adding a bright color bag or purse will instantly give a different look. So, carry it in full style. Let the eyes be on the bag. Thus, enhance the dress appeal. 
  4. Stylish shoes- You can put stylish shoes or high heels shoes or embroidery shoes or jewel shoes over the dress and rock the event. Pick a sandal color that goes well with your dress. 

Amazing things the Parchhai online store offers to everyone!

Discount for everyone- The discount price we offer is not only for a specific group or quantity outfits, instead it is for everyone. No matter where you buy from, you will get the same discount offer on the product. 

Fine-quality for everyone- We bring stylish and elegant outfits made from high-quality fabric. We offer only top-quality garments to women. Our products are known for quality and comfort. We never deal with low-quality products or sell them. 

Fast delivery everywhere- Customer satisfaction is the top most important to us. So we deliver what we promise. The products will be dispatched with utmost care to your city or town. You will get the beautiful piece delivered within a few working days. 

Fair price for everyone- Whether you are a college-goer or working professional or self-employed, we offer the trendiest garments at a fair or economical price for everyone. Plus, you get special deals on the product selected. Thus, enjoy saving and exiting offers regularly.

100 percent safe & secure payment for everyone- We know hackers are on the rise. So our payment gateway is fully secured and safe to use for customers. You can pay online or offline as per your choice. All your transaction data is secured and never shared for any gain with third parties.

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